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Rental Process

Our rental agents have significant experience with some having worked in the Boston housing market for 15+ years. “In addition, the majority of the ownership at Unlimited Sotheby’s International Realty were once rental agents – our commitment to rental excellence starts at the top and doesn’t end until you’ve found your new home.”

Have questions on the rental process? Contact one of our leasing specialists specialists today to help you begin your search.

Needs Analysis

The first step in the rental process is to establish a set of realistic guidelines and parameters to work with throughout the tenant’s rental search.

Desired Area(s)

Move In Date

Preferred Amenities

Budget or Price Range

Selection Process

The next step is to find property that meets the criteria of your search.

Select a leasing agent that knows your area

Get familiar with the current rental market

Find the property that best suits your needs

Secure the Apartment

Choose the apartment

Complete the rental application(s) (one per occupant)

Provide a form of payment for the first month’s rent

Bring all necessary contact information for references

Approval Process

Landlord and/or your leasing agent will check references and credit

Lease Signing

Landlord will have lease prepared

Parties will meet, sign the lease and and pay remaining funds

Move In

You now have your new home and when the lease begins you can move in.