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Natalie Chormann

At your Service

Whether it’s sourcing a high-end bottle of wine at the last minute, supplying an ultra-exotic bird in a custom cage to welcome guests on board, or securing a last-minute passport on Christmas Eve in time to set sail, yacht owners call upon concierges to satisfy their every [...]

Rattan Moves Beyond The Beach House

There’s a reason rattan immediately evokes a faraway feel. It comes from more than 600 different species of climbing vines native to tropical regions including Indonesia, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and China.

Rattan furnishings have often been reserved for vacation homes or relegated to patio areas. But people are realizing their textural beauty is not limited to island life or for outdoor seating. The material lends warmth and depth and a singular sense of eclectic beauty anywhere in the home. “Rattan is a light-hearted, natural material that often adds sculptural interest to a space as it’s crafted to easily bend and curve and can be woven into a wide variety of shapes and patterns,” says Celerie Kemble, principal of Kemble Interiors in New York; Palm Beach, Fla.; and London.

Making Waves

For some people, the most exotic spot is in their own backyard. Credit new trends in pool design that have made these watery retreats smarter, sleeker, and even a bit magical.

“People are looking to their pools for an experience. It enhances and enriches their lives,” says Rick Pendleton, founder of Artisan Home Resorts, a luxury landscape design and pool firm headquartered in San Francisco. “It’s a distraction from all things we’ve been dealing with the last two years. It’s an escape, a sanctuary.”