Prepare For The Sale

Your listing agent will make recommendations based on your pricing strategy, timeframe and other factors in order to position your home for the most successful sale possible. Steps that you will want to take include some or all of the following:

• Locate and organize any necessary paperwork such as your deed, mortgage, tax records, etc
• Determine your ability to sell and calculate a projected net sheet to understand approximately what your net proceeds will be after your sale.
• Determine whether a pre-sale home inspection is necessary.
• Determine whether a pre-sale appraisal is appropriate.
• Do a walk-through with your listing agent to identify any areas of improvement prior to officially putting your home on the market.
• Get quotes from and interview contractors. Ask your listing broker for possible recommendations.
• Professionally clean and de-clutter your home.
• De-personalize - Remove photos that could possibly compromise your position in negotiations.
• Replace any light bulbs that have blown in order to show your home in the brightest light possible.