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Hidden Gem: “Arts on the Line” Glove Cycle


“Glove Cycle” by Mags Harries

In 1984 The MBTA’s Porter Square Station opened in Cambridge and Glove Cycle was created as a part of the MBTA and the Cambridge Arts Council’s “Arts on the Line” program.

The installation was created by artist Mags Harries and consists of 54 separate bronze sculptures of gloves. The gloves are featured on a turnstile and in the space between the up and down escalators. Situated at the bottom of the escalators and on the inbound platform are smaller sections of the gloves. While more gloves are inserted in the floor of both platforms as well as the mezzanine.

Originally Harries considered creating bronze tree roots to appear on the walls and into the station. The concept was turned down by the architects of Porter Station since the station is one of the deepest underground stations and the architects did not want to bring attention to that fact. Harries’ next idea was to create a flock of sheep-shaped turnstiles. This concept never materialized as the snow from a blizzard in Boston began to melt. Harries began to find lost gloves appearing through the snow. “They were wet, compacted, squashed, – really beautiful.” These lost gloves gave her the idea for the “Glove Cycle”.

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