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First Thursday Art Walk: August 3rd 6-8pm

first thursday jpAngelaMark2[1]

Join us Thursday, August 3rd, for the Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk from 6-8pm! Work from our featured artists, Andrea Potter and Angela Mark, will line the walls while we mingle and snack. Stop by and meet the artists!

When: August 3rd 6-8pm
Where: 673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
What: Art, Refreshments and Fun!

About Andrea Potter
I am a local artist who paints and draws using a variety of media, including gouache, acrylics and oil pastels. I tend to favor landscapes populated with human elements and artifacts. Lately I have been exploring nocturnal scenes. I’ve found oil pastels to be a perfect medium for rendering this elusive and mysterious time—allowing for sources of light (both on and off paper) to coexist with objects and figures residing in deep blue and green shadow. I also find oil pastels to constitute an interesting marriage of drawing and painting. I happily share studio space in Hyde Park with two other artists.

About Angela Mark
Angela studied art at the New England School of Art & Design and at The School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston, MA. Since the early 1980s Angela has been in exhibits in Europe and throughout the US. Her work is in the collections of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston, The International Electrographic Art Museum, Cuenca, Spain, Wadsworth Library, Hartford, Conn, the Ruth and Marvin Sackner Museum, Miami, Florida, University at Buffalo, NY, Sandoz Pharmaceutical, NJ and the Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DCAlso an illustrator, her work has appeared in many publications including the New York Quarterly Book Review, The Science Fiction Eye, Spirit of Change Magazine and Inequity Press.


Unlimited Sotheby’s International Realty is a proud supporter of the arts and our local artistic community. We feature rotating works of art every month, beginning with an event open to the public on that month’s first Thursday. If you would like to buy featured works or see your own work featured, please contact us at marketingteam@unimitedsir.com.

First Thursday Art Walk: July 8th 6-8pm

Join us Thursday, July 8th, for the Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk from 6-8pm! Work from our featured artist, James Austin Cole will line the walls while we mingle and snack. Stop by and meet the artist!

When: July 8th 6-8pm
Where: 673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
What: Art, Refreshments and Fun!

bikib atoll








Artist’s Statement

“I like the idea of being an artist out of time, somehow transported to this century like a modern day Rip Van Winkle.”

James studied traditional painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, which has a long and great history of figurative painting. He loves art of the Victorian era, particularly the academic painters in 19th century France. His paintings follow the Classical methods taught over a hundred years ago, that are now out of vogue.

Even though his work at first glance seems very traditional, his influences are anything but. Even his most figurative paintings will have something of the bizarre or grotesque.

His most recent series is pure pop! Pop and nothing but the pop! Pop goes the Pez. Andy Warhol had his soup cans, James has Pez. What could be more fun than Pop Art? When it’s Pez! Forget the soup cans – Pez have come to life to delight and entertain you.

Pez makes the world go round.

Contact: jamesaustincole.comjamesac38@yahoo.com | 617.272.0053

First Thursday Art Walk, April 6th 6-8pm

untitled abstract 40x30 oil on canvasblue pink green abstract 40 x 30 acrylic

Join us Thursday, April 6th, for the Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk from 6-8pm! Work from our featured artist, Tammy Ricker, will line the walls while we mingle and snack. Stop by and meet the artist!

When: April 6th, 6-8pm
Where: 673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
What: Art, Refreshments and Fun!

About Tammy Ricker

gallery shot of me with paintingPainting for me is a way to explore my inner world of feelings,  consciousness and reason. Working intuitively with color and  line I work the surface, sometimes applying many layers, letting  each painting assert itself. Inspired by everything related to  nature, sometimes shapes appear that remind me of fragments of the world around us, leaves, flowers, water, sky, buildings, even people. For me this represents the quest for balance between the inner and outer worlds. The underlying focus that ties it all together is an interest in connections – connections to ourselves, to each other and to the world as a whole. My paintings are a deeply personal and intuitive expression of the times we live in and it is my hope that they will continue to evolve from a deeper place that will evoke a state of reflection through which the viewer is transported momentarily and returns enriched.

After studying painting and sculpture at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston I lived and worked for many years in Jamaica Plain. My studio is now located in a beautiful coastal town in southern Maine. Also, an avid Instagrammer, you can see more of my daily practice here: @tjr111

First Thursday Art Walk, February 2nd 6-8pm


Join us Thursday, February 2nd, for the Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk from 6-8pm! Work from our featured artist, Joann Boback, will line the walls while we mingle and snack. Stop by and meet the artists!

When: February 2nd 6-8pm
Where: 673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
What: Art, Refreshments and Fun!


About Joann Boback

Thru the inspiration of the postwar artists I face my own limitations and barriers; as well as my creative skills. The desire to overcome one’s limitations is only magnified by the time spent doing it. Style develops from your inner self as it relates to your life and I am constantly digging deeper.

Represented at:
Colo Colo Gallery, New Bedford
Galatea Fine Art, Boston
deCordova Corporate Loan Program

Learn more at joannbobackart.com or email her at joannboback@gmail.com


First Thursday Art Walk, June 2nd, 6-8pm

Join us Thursday, June 2nd, for the Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk from 6-8pm! Work from our featured artists, Erica Nazzaro and Richard Youngstrom, will line the walls while we mingle and snack. Stop by and meet the artists!

June 2nd 6-8pm
673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
What: Art, Refreshments and Fun!

Jamaica Pond Blue IItrees reflecting Blue Hills





About Erica S. Nazzaro

Erica Nazzaro is a painter based out of Boston.  She deals with complex landscapes by using simple strokes and unique color choices. Erica combines watercolor, pastel, and ink line work to create mixed media pieces. She has won an artist’s residency in the dunes of Provincetown, and has shown her work in the South End, Jamaica Plain, Dorchester, and in Venice, Italy.

Erica’s process is to go into a meditative space as she creates.  She tries to be a vessel of connection from her environment to the paper integrating herself by weaving in her own feelings as she is painting.

When she feels fully immersed by the energy of the place she is painting…it clicks. Erica feels that she can grasp the challenge, by being spontaneous, and curious, she uses the accidents as opportunities. She take risks while exploring and creating.

Erica’s work is capturing a moment in time that is expressed through colors, lines, and textures.  She strives to express the feeling more than the realistic image of what she sees.

Learn more about Erica at: www.ericasnazzaro.com

flow III imaginary landscape Iris

About Richard Youngstrom

Richard has been creating art projects for 25 years and more recently he has focused on contemporary mosaic art as a medium that fits his skills, and interest in nature, recycling, beach combing and collecting odds and ends.

His work is decorative, durable and useful. The images and functional objects I create are a unique use of the recycled and reused  ceramic tiles, broken dishes, glass, stone, shells and found objects. The tessarae, or small pieces, that make up the mosaic come from many places, and incorporate a range of colors, textures, materials, shapes and sizes: they reflect our community and the world around us. Each individual piece is reclaimed and shaped to bring new life, new utility and a pleasing form to what was once lost and forgotten.grape reflection

Richard’s work has been exhibited in the greater Boston area, including the Somerville Museum, Logan Airport, Bedford Library, the State House, Roxbury Community College, The Arboretum, Experimental Art Gallery (Salem) Artworks (New Bedford) Highfield Hall (Falmouth), Schwamb Mill (Arlington), as well as JP Licks, JP Open Studios and JP Art Association events.

He does commissioned work and conducts mosaic classes at his Jamaica Plain studio, as well as the Brookline Adult Education Center and other locations.

Contact Richard at: 617-721-4240


Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk | Feb. 4rd | 6-8pm

Visiting Chilean artists, Johan Bruna Vega and Daniela Salinas, with be featured in our office this evening showcasing their lovely portraits of Chilean animals/people and their framed dream catchers. We will be serving Chilean wine from Solera in Roslindale alongside the music of Joe Sardano and the Jazz players.

Where: 673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
When: February 4th, 2016 | 6:00-8:00pm
What: Art, Music, Refreshments and Fun!

image (2) image (3) image (6)





About Daniela
Daniela Salinas is from Chile. She is an actress and artisan. Daniela’s art is inspired by traveling, meeting people of other cultures, and then melding her Chilean culture with that of other countries.  She collect little things that catch her eye in the different trips she takes around the world. These different objects serve as a contrast in color, form and culture, yet they come together as one unified piece. The idea is to capture emotion and dedication so that her work comes to life. I try to give a part of me in everything I do.

image (8)image (7)image (9)





About Johan Bruna Vega
Chilean painter and illustrator, self-taught (Iquique). He is seeking to portray the different characteristics of animals and people across every continent in his travels. They are original drawings done by freehand, trying to connect to the reality of these expressions. He creates paintings done in oil or acrylic, always trying to captivate the true look of the power of nature. This inspiration comes from the adventures and travels born in the depths of each experience.

August 6th – Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk


Join us Thursday, August 6th from 6-8pm in our JP office, located at 673 Centre Street, for the art work of Scott Van Orden. Scott will be presenting, “Utterly Ridiculous: a collection of Illustrated Short Fables” Original Work: A digital book conception of illustrated, short fables. There will also be a live jazz band and refreshments available!

“Every artist concerns themselves with complications of current events. Defining a complication for your self can influence and enrich the lives of others. Communities establish a precedence of relationships with complications. Complications enhance our collective world views. Let’s create lasting and impactful relationships between ourselves and the place we inhabit. Be creative in your endeavors.” – Scott D. Van Orden

Creating art is a way to express and communicate an idea to people. I’ve been extremely fortunate to create work in several professions, over the years. Commercial photography, Television production, Illustration, Storyboarding and Graphic design are a few professions I explored in the last 20 years. My BFA is in the field of Sequential Art. A series of images and words to create a sequence.frontcover_proof

Example – Dawn 27

I’m always learning and feel inspired by others to create new and interesting stories. Story telling takes many forms and my new ebook, “Utterly Ridiculous”, displays a variety of styles and techniques in a nice collection of illustrated, short fables.

Scott D. Van Orden
Jamaica Plain, MA
Author/ Illustrator/ Story Teller
Email inquiries to: svanodesign@gmail.com


JP Office Showcasing Agent and Family Art Work This Month

Every month the art work in our Jamaica Plain office changes to feature local artists, coinciding with the JP First Thursday Art Walk as a bit of a kick-off party to show off that month’s art. For the month of May, we are featuring the art of our agents and their friends/family members. Read about each artist below or stop by anytime during business hours to get a look in person!

andy1 andy2







Andrew Brilliant – Agent

Andrew Brilliant is primarily a photographic artist and has been working with lens based imagery for over 30 years.  His work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and other venues.  His work is in the collections of : Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Fogg Museum of Art in Cambridge Ma, and The Fidelity Corporate Art Collection. His photographs have been published in publications appearing around the world.

Currently based in Jamaica Plain he regularly has work published in local media outlets like the Boston Globe and Boston.com.

He has an omnivorous eye.  He continues to believe as his photography teacher(Lisette Model)once told him “Everything is a lens.”

Thomas O’Connor – Agent

Change is the only constant.  Neighborhoods undergo change on a regular basis and these are absorbed in the consciousness as the natural order of things.  Steeped in three centuries of history, Jamaica Plain affords us landmarks that remain in spite of this change giving us the ability to observe what is by reflecting on what was.  These landmarks act as figurative anchors.  Solid, timeless, reliably comforting somehow.  They were here before us and will remain after us.


These photos represent some of these anchors purposely represented without context of the is–without depictions of technology, fashion, or any other way to determine when these photos were taken.  They are represented to be in their pure form of their was so they may be appreciated in their purest form.

BJ Ray – Agent

Most of his photographs are inspired by iconic places in and around Jamaica Plain.   In this series, Jamaica Pond & Franklin Park are the focal points.   As a local realtor, who is passionately engaged in his profession and the community it’s woven in, BJ loves exploring and re-discovering the neighborhood and the people who bring it alive.



photo 4 photo 5






Carol Palmer Brilliant – Agent

Carol’s work is inspired by her Jamaica Plain neighborhood – people and places, summer concerts and spring celebrations, warm weather walks or sledding in the snow – all scenes for potential illustrations.   As a real estate agent, she is delighted to explore one more magnificent house (subject of “Holiday Party”) or to greet neighbors and friends on JP streets (subject of “Centre St Crossing”). Carol’s illustrations have appeared in books and magazines. Her sketches are created with pen and paper. They are transferred to computer and completed in Adobe Photoshop, all lines drawn by “mouse”. Each illustration is printed digitally with Ink Jet colors on Epson archival paper.

emma fam







Sophie Rosenberg – Family

Sophie Rosenberg’s jewelry is a mix of the functional and the whimsical.  Each piece is a careful curation of one-of-a-kind vintage findings and industrial hardware. These found objects, relieved from their primary function, contain an unexpected, raw beauty which she harnesses into all of her work.

Raised by her mother, a dedicated trash-picker and artist by trade, she was taught early that what is old is new. She is drawn to the unlikely and the overlooked, from valves to plumbing gaskets.  Her resourcefulness is a driving force behind her creativity—like a puzzle, she constructs each earring, bracelet, or necklace piece by piece, finding new purposes for old objects. While getting her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA, she continued to use herskill for seeing potential in everyday objects in her studio art. But she longed for her artwork to serve a practical function, much in the way the individual materials she was using once did.  Thus, the idea for JuxtaposeDesign was born. She can share her unique, upcycled jewelry pieces and give them a new purpose and a new life.









The Zutrau Family: 3 Generations – Father, Daughter and Granddaughter

Edward Zutrau / 1922-1993 Commercial artist, painter and professor in NYC from 1934-1985 / Pulp magazine cover circa 1940’s / airbrush

Susan Zutrau (Agent) /  1965 self taught / woodblock print / fish in rising sun

Kelly Zutrau / 1988 Graduate of The Cooper Union in NYC and RISD / 2 Mixed media paintings / Musician in band WET currently.

If you missed this month’s First Thursday Art Walk then join us on June 4th for the next one! Don’t forget to visit the other participating businesses as well. See the map below for more information or visit JP Centre/South Main Streets for more information.

Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk – April 2nd, 6-8pm

Join us on April 2nd from 6-8pm in our Jamaica Plain office for the First Thursday Art Walk with snacks, beverages, the artwork of Casey Williams and Kasey Appleman, and a live jazz band.

On the First Thursday of each month, the businesses of Centre and South Main Streets in Jamaica Plain hold artist receptions in their stores, shops, salons, and offices, and together create an art night out on the town.  The public can enjoy wine and refreshments while viewing art of all disciplines, as well as live music and other happenings up and down the street.  Come join in!  Winter is on it’s way out!

Jazz Band Featuring:
Joe Sardaro, vocalist
David Ehle, guitar
Mike Ball, bass
Bex Sax, saxophone
Pete Farmer, saxophone

About Kasey Appleman

KaseKasey Davis Appleman is a collector, assembler, photographer, painter and arts educator.  She finds inspiration through her love of nature and her obsession with collecting antiques, miniatures and the “found object.”  The subject matter of her photographs varies from New England landscapes to the whimsical installation of collectables.  Her mixed media assemblage tells a familiar story and asks the viewer to join the conversation.   She is a subscriber to life-long learning, creativity and play.  Kasey comes by her talent honestly as a fifth generation New England artist would.  She lives and makes art in Boston, MA and has worked for more than 15 years as an arts educator with students of all ages.  She studied art at Emmanuel College and holds a Bachelor of Fine Art in painting and printmaking.

About Casey Williams

Casey grew up in a small mill town in the North Quabbin region of Massachusetts. At a young age her mother, Ann, would drive her to Boston on Saturdays, to experience city culture, and especially, to explore the Museum of Fine Arts with her. Casey’s mother decorated their home with African, Indian, and American folk arts and crafts. Pottery, wall hangings, framed textiles, and stained glass panels. It all influenced Casey in the pursuit of creating her own art. Even the patterns found on her scarves or cookbooks, or her Herb Alpert record covers, all laid a subtle foundation for the work she would later produce. Casey continues to find inspiration from the things around her every day. Patterns on a rusted door, a friend’s earring, a scene from a film, a feeling or style of someone’s home, dreams, remembering dishes, clothing, or pillows from a relative’s house party from 1979, or a towel in her grandmother’s bathroom; they all spark ideas, and mix together in her mind to produce a collection of work ranging from large acrylic abstract paintings, to small delicate illustrations, as well as decorative hand mades.

In addition to art-making, Casey is also a DJ.  Visit Just Joan’s Facebook DJ page for information. You can also learn more about Casey and her artwork at caseywilliams.org