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First Thursday Art Walk: October 5th 6-8 PM


Join us this Thursday, October 5th, for the Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk from 6 to 8pm! Work from our featured artist, David Dauer, will line the walls while we mingle and snack. Stop by and meet the artist!

When: October 5th 6-8pm
Where: 673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
What: Art, Refreshments and Fun!

About David Dauer

This group of paintings at Sotheby’s begins with free-flowing drawings with some topic in mind at a subconscious level, which evolves into a dialogue of the human experience. Lately religious and political events have become quite evident. Fish usually inhabit my canvases. I’ve come to realize that they, in many cases, are my personal eyes on the events.
As a youth I would go to the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston) and sit for countless hours looking at Paul Gauguin’s “Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?” This one painting had a profound affect on me. Others who helped shape me were Morris Louis, Stuart Davis, and Milton Avery.

With all the lessons of my past I am intent on being my own person and not influenced by the trends of today or even yesterday. My old professor/mentor, Edward Togneri (UMass Dartmouth) always told me to follow my heart and let the SELF come out in my work.


Truth in myself.

Hopefully these paintings show this and will be a stepping-stone for my future work.

Unlimited Sotheby’s International Realty is a proud supporter of the arts and our local artistic community. We feature rotating works of art every month, beginning with an event open to the public on that month’s first Thursday. If you would like to buy featured works or see your own work featured, please contact us at marketingteam@unimitedsir.com.

First Thursday Art Walk, March 2nd 6-8pm

IMG_1393Join us Thursday, March 2nd, for the Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk from 6-8pm! Work from our featured artist, Jenni Plym, will line the walls while we mingle and snack. Stop by and meet the artist!

When: March 2nd 6-8pm
Where: 673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
What: Art, Refreshments and Fun!

About Jenni Plym

jenniWhen I was 9, my cool older sister started doing pencil drawings of models from fashion magazines.  I was impressed, so I started copying her.  I found I had a talent for it.  In high school, aside from sports, my elective of choice was independent art.

Then college began, where I majored in psychology and set art aside for the better part of 13 years.

The summer of 2010 marked the resurgence of my life as an artist.

My favorite visual art forms are dance, painting, and drawing, and I know I’m seeing something I like when, at a glance, I’m flooded with an emotion.  Sometimes the emotion is generated by the mood of a piece; other times I’m inspired – brought to tears by the sheer skill and time it takes to execute what I’ve just seen.

That’s what I’m out to create with my art: emotion without desire… a daydream… images that arrest people’s attention, and generate an experience or a new thought.





Enjoy.  Contact me about any piece you would like to purchase or commission.  And thank you!

Jenni Plym

First Thursday Art Walk – November 3rd, 6-8pm


Join us Thursday, November 3rd, for the Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk from 6-8pm! Work from our featured artist, Julie Gray, will line the walls while we mingle and snack. Stop by and meet the artists!

When: November 3rd 6-8pm
Where: 673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
What: Art, Refreshments and Fun!


About Julie Gray

Julie creates her white line prints with a focus on the feeling and expression of an object or scene rather than on creating a realistic re-creation. She has been working in the white line print medium for about 5 years. Julie studied the method of printmaking under Kathryn Smith at the Provincetown Art Museum. While she has spent a lot of time working in watercolors, Julie was drawn to the white line method for its process and physical aspects; creating an image, transferring the image to wood, and finally printing the image from the wood block.

EXPLORE: Living in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

With a very different style that distinguishes itself from more traditional Boston neighborhoods, exhibited by their eclectic restaurants and avant-garde charm, it’s hard to categorize Jamaica Plain, or JP as locals call it, as it is so unique.

Home to many of the jewels in the “Emerald Necklace”, Jamaica Plain has an abundance of green space for the outdoor enthusiast. This, combined with its artsy flair, easy access to downtown, and community feel make Jamaica Plain a top destination for Boston area residents.


Outdoor Attractions
Once called the “Eden of America,” Jamaica Plain is bursting with natural beauty. The Arnold Arboretum, which is maintained by Harvard University, encompasses over 281 acres of unique horticulture. In addition to the Arboretum, Franklin Park, home of the Franklin Park Zoo, is known as Boston’s largest public park*. While technically not in JP, it does border almost the entire east side of the neighborhood and allots JP residents easy access to walking trails, golfing, playgrounds, sports areas, and more. Other outdoor attractions include Olmsted Park and Jamaica Pond, which are also a part of the “Emerald Necklace”.47 Holbrook Aerial

Close to Northeastern University, Longwood Medical Area, and Wheelock College, JP attracts a diverse population including students, young professionals, and families who call it home. Together with JP’s established community, they have formed an energetic and open-minded community. According to Trendgraphix, the average price for single-family and condo homes over the last year was $580,000 making this one of the more affordable neighborhoods in Boston.

As one of the first “streetcar suburbs” in America, JP is an ideal commuter location with access to commuter rail connections, bus routes, and both the Green and Orange Line trains.

JP is also known for hosting numerous bicycle paths such as the Pierre Lallement Path which runs from Forest Hills to Back Bay, where you can hook into other bike paths depending on your destination. In addition, there are several other pathways that wind along the Jamaicaway and Riverway for a scenic ride into Brookline, Fenway/Kenmore, or the Longwood Medical Center.


Dining and Entertainment
Foodies rejoice – Jamaica Plain’s restaurant scene is unbeatable, catering to every palate and budget while retaining top-notch charm. Local favorites include JP Seafood Café, Tres Gatos, Noodle Barn, and City Feed for their spectacular meals and atmospheres. jamaica-plain-best-of-71-of-89After enjoying lunch or dinner wander into a bakery or café for fantastic dessert options, like the cupcakes from Monumental Cupcakes and the celebrated ice cream flavors at JP Licks.

Even with its level of trendy restaurants and modern taste, Jamaica Plain still holds on to its historical roots via notable attractions and events throughout the year including exhibits and concerts at the Loring-Greenough House, community theatre at the Footlight Club and art exhibits at the Hallway Gallery.

To learn more about Jamaica Plain and see the latest listings in the area, click here.

*according to Boston.gov and Wikipedia,
Jamaica Plain image courtesy of Agent BJ Ray

First Thursday Art Walk | April 6th | 6-8pm

8Join us Thursday, April 6th, for the Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk from 6-8pm! Paintings from our featured artist, Tara Goldberg, will line the walls while we mingle and snack. Stop by and meet the artist!

April 6th 6-8pm
673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
What: Art, Refreshments and Fun!

Paintings by Tara Goldberg

taragoldbergAs a long-time student of psychoanalysis, I am trained to listen deeply, past the words spoken by my patient, until feeling and desire emerge.  When I paint, the feeling and desire arise directly, free from language. It is my deepest form of play, a way to contact parts of the self that have no home in the world yet.

Sometimes we hide the darkest of what we are, the rage and the ugliness- but also hidden are gauzy islands, places to dream, peaceful and whimsical states that need protection.  These are places worth visiting, and it can take a lifetime to earn your ticket. I have been fortunate to find my way to meadows, mysterious horizons, unending oceans.  And I never revisit the same place twice.

The beautiful and the good have no vitality if they are not the byproduct of a playful interaction with the environment. Play to me means movement, organic lines, a nuanced and clean palette. There is delicacy and a sense of place.  Painting is my gesture towards a total acceptance of the complexity of the self, and ideally opens up the same feeling in my viewer. Is that a tall order for oil and canvas? So far, they are the best toys I have found.

First Thursday Art Walk, March 3rd: 6-8pm

This month we will be featuring the art of Peter Bass and Brendan Killian in our office and we will have the music of Joe Sardano and the Jazz players and refreshments for the art walk.

Where: 673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
When: March 3rd, 2016 | 6:00-8:00pm
What: Art, Music, Refreshments and Fun!

Mission Hill Rooftops Sailboat, large Top of the hill twilight large




About Peter Bass

Peter Bass is a self-taught watercolor painter from Boston, Massachusetts. Armed with a bicycle, folding easel and a backpack full of art supplies, he roams the streets of his home-town painting what he sees. If you’re interested in his work or for any other questions please send him an email at peterbassart@gmail.com

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About Brendan Killian

Brendan began painting sheep 15 years ago during an artist’s residency in Vermont. This work marked a huge departure, inspired by both the pastoral setting as well as the changes he was experiencing on a personal level. Although he has moved on to other subject matter since, (horses, rabbits and various other real and imagined beasts), the sheep have continued to lure him back, and he always feels obliged to answer they’re call. In a general sense, the sheep serve as a visual metaphor to explore issues of sacrifice and spiritual transformation, not unlike their role in Christian iconography. On a more personal level, they embody a faith in the future, hence Brendan’s choice of title, “Response”. Brendan is also fascinated by they’re integral role in Irish/Scottish/Celtic culture, and in turn my his own heritage.

Brendan received a BFA from Iowa State University in 1984. He moved to Jamaica Plain in 1985 and has been living and exhibiting his artwork throughout New England since. Local solo show’s include “The Copley Society of Boston”, “The Perrin Gallery”, “The Hallway Gallery”, “JP Artmarket”, “The Alchemist”, “Centre Street Café”, “James’s Gate”, “A Far Cry”, “The Gallery @ Green Street” “The Plum Gallery” in Williamstown MA. And “Vermont Studio Center” in Johnson VT. He currently exhibits his work at “The Haven” in Jamaica Plain.

Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk – October 1st

Join us tonight at 673 Centre Street for the art work of Melissa Hamel along with some beverages and snacks from 6-8pm.


About Melissa Hamel

Melissa was born and raised in Dover, Delaware to a lawyer father and artist mother. She learned an appreciation for history and travel from her father and love of beauty and nature from her mother. Melissa attended public grade school and later St. Andrew’s School in Middletown, Delaware.

After graduation, Melissa moved to western Massachusetts to attend Hampshire College and while living here, married and gave birth to her son. The young family soon moved to Boston for graduate school and she quickly learned that the neighborhood of Jamaica Plain was the ideal place to raise her child. This diverse neighborhood was home to many artists as well as rich in park land and green space. The neighborhood became a source of inspiration for her and introduced her to community-based arts and film projects.

In the early 90s, Melissa attended Boston University’s graduate film program. Initially interested in producing documentaries, she expanded into narrative works and started to write screenplays; incorporating her love of story telling and visual sense in the medium of film.

While film continues to be one of Melissa’s creative mediums, over the past 15 years, she has moved into painting and printmaking. She paints with both oils and egg tempera and has explored almost every technique of printmaking available.

Today, Melissa focuses primarily on etching and aquatint, but has recently begun to use more color and has found that silkscreen allows her to create bold works with brilliant colors.

Melissa is influenced by her love of nature and travel. Her daily walks are constant sources of inspiration and whenever she can, she travels to Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. She has had the opportunity to travel to Cuba, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Iceland, Jamaica, and many countries throughout Europe and North America. Meeting and interacting with new people and cultures influences her work from the Mexican retablos to Cuban Santeria idolatry to Irish Celtic art.

Melissa opened Ink 311 Print Studio in 2012 and here she welcomes other fellow artists and teaches printmaking to the community. She is a life-long learner and loves to share her knowledge with others. In addition to her MFA in film, she has a Masters of Art in Teaching from Boston University and is certified to teach both US and World History as well as Visual Art and Filmmaking.