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Join Us: Two FREE Upcoming Events


Jump Start to Healthy Living Seminar

Unleash a lifestyle of wellness. This event will be an interactive discussion that explores whole body wellness and the value of a healthy home. Come learn the critical elements that everyone should know to live a healthier lifestyle, which will include tips around fueling your body, routine fitness, the mind body connection, relaxation and living a balance life both inside and outside the home.

673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
Thursday, March 1st: 6:30pm-8:00pm
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dreamstime_s_24517292Energy Saving Seminar

This workshop will provide resources available to improve the energy efficiency of your home and help reduce costs to your energy bill. Our experts will also educate you on how residential solar panels work, including the variety of solar options, benefits, tax credits and current incentives.

767 Beacon Street, Newton
Saturday, March 3rd: 6:30pm-8:00pm
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February 5th – Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk

Please join us for the the First Thursday Art Walk on February 5th in our Jamaica Plain office located at 673 Centre Street. We will be featuring the art work of artist, Scott Cipolla, and we will have drinks and snacks from 5-8pm. If you can’t make it in on the fifth, stop in to our office anytime during the month of February to see SCott’s beautiful art.


Artist Scott Cipolla 

Since 2004 Scott has served as Director of Alternate Currents, a platform developed to bring together contemporary artists from Boston’s diverse neighborhoods and represent them as a whole; encouraging networking and communication between these talented groups through promotional events and curated exhibitions. Since receiving her BFA in painting from Boston University, she has employed her talent for design and marketing through websites, printed materials and event planning. Scott currently teaches about the business of art through the Jamaica Plain Arts Council’s Focusing Series.

Scott Cipolla is influenced by the industrial landscape. Finding elegance in concrete and steel is at the heart of Scott’s art. Inspired by buildings, especially in Boston, Ms. Cipolla records them creatively, extolling their beauty while preserving the history of the ever-changing landscape of our city. Scott Cipolla works in pastel on paper, photography, and acrylic on wood.

Join Boston Real Estate Investment Club’s next meeting Feb. 27th


Join the Club February 27th!

The Boston Real Estate Investment Club has announced another meeting on Wednesday, February 27th at Osaka Japanese Sushi & Steak House.

About the Club

The Boston Real Estate Investment Club is open to real estate investors of all experience levels who want to meet and continuously learn from other investors and real estate professionals. Each meeting features knowledgeable speakers to guide members through new and relevant topics relating to the many aspects of Real Estate Investment. Past events have covered Why invest in Real Estate?, Foreclosures, Self-directed IRA’s, 1031 Exchanges, and Creative Tax Strategies.

It’s an opportunity to network with others who share similar goals & needs, to learn about unique & hot properties, to find ways of obtaining & utilizing different sources of capital, and so much more! 

February’s meeting will feature:

Matt Newman :: Investor

“In the mid 1990s, Matthew started a real estate company that today has two offices: one in Brookline, and one in Jamaica Plain, Prudential Unlimited Real Estate. He is a silent partner but participates in corporate development and consultation. Matthew began buying, managing and developing real estate in the early to mid 1990s. At first he bought condominiums, three family houses and small projects. Now over 20 years later, he owns over 200 residential units, has completed dozens of condominium conversions, acquisition-renovation-management situations, and renovated and sold numerous assets and properties, has developed dozens of projects and has bought and sold over 50 million dollars worth of property in the area. Matthew is still involved with the two Prudential offices. Currently, he oversees the management of the Newman Properties portfolio and is seeking new acquisitions. “

Eric Erickson :: Investor / Mortgage Specialist

“In 1992 I began my career in the mortgage industry. By the mid 1990’s I became known as the “Go-To Guy” and the “He can get it done guy” for the FHA 203K loan. I founded my own mortgage company in 1996 just a few short years before the economy took a large downturn and eventually the FHA 203K loan became obsolete. Now in 2012 the program is needed again and I am back to provide these loans to properties in need of improvement. I have the opportunity to bring my skills to borrowers that need to navigate the current lending environment. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage has given me the ability to provide both the FHA renovation loan as well as Conventional loan programs for home buyers and investors.”


•    2013 Investment Planning     •
•     Short Sale Update     •
•     Hot Properties     •
•     and more!    •


February 27th, 2012

6:00PM :: Registration / Networking / Food / Drink

6:45PM :: Lighting Round with Guest Speakers & Prudential Unlimited Staff

7:00PM :: Meeting


 Location / Amenities / Registration


Osaka Japanese Restaurant

14 Green St, Brookline, MA 02446

$10 with pre-registration (www.BREIC.com)
OR $15 at the door (Includes Sushi)

Cash Bar Available



Prudential Unlimited Realty Virtual Food Drive: $1000 Goal Nov. 6-21

Prudential Unlimited Realty
, through the Greater Boston Food Bank is holding a virtual food drive from 11/6/2012 to 11/21/12!

Our goal is to raise $1000 and this can only happen with your support, whether it’s $1 or $100 every bit counts.


All of the proceeds & food collected will go to the Greater Boston Food Bank to benefit hungry families across eastern Massachusetts. This is a wonderful opportunity to help those less fortunate in these difficult times. We encourage you join in our efforts and make a difference in someone’s life today.

The Greater Boston Food Bank is New England’s largest hunger-relief organization and is working hard to help end hunger in eastern Massachusetts. They distribute over 30 million pounds of food per year to more than 600 hunger relief agencies throughout eastern Massachusetts. Once the food you donate is collected by the Food Bank, it is checked for compliance with food safety guidelines and then sorted into about 20 food categories. Hunger-relief agencies, such as pantries and soup kitchens, then order the food by category. This allows the agencies to order exactly what they need, whether that be juice, protein products, or canned vegetables.

Here are some hunger facts about Eastern Massachusetts:

  • 320,000 people or 7% of the population uses emergency food programs annually
  • More than one in three households served has a child under the age of 18
  • Over 10% of those who receive emergency food assistance are 65 or older
  • 57% of the people served have to choose between food and rent, medicine, or heat
  • 84% have a place to live but cannot get the food they need

Short list of most desired food items:

  • Dairy: Milk – dried, evaporated, and boxed (such as Parmalat)
  • Protein: Beef stew, nuts, peanut butter, beans, and peas (dried or canned), chili, tuna fish, chicken, salmon (canned)
  • Vegetables: Tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, vegetables (canned), tomato juice
  • Fruit: Raisins and other dried fruit, applesauce, any canned fruit in its own juice
  • Grains: Crackers, oatmeal, whole grain rice, all types of pasta, ready to eat low sugar/high fiber cereal (Cheerios, Raisin Bran, etc.)


Again, our goal is $1000 over the next 2 weeks. If you’d like to donate CLICK HERE and visit us online for more information about Prudential Unlimited Realty or the Greater Boston Food Bank.


Don’t forget to come in, call or visit us at PrudentialUnlimited.com for all your Real Estate needs in Boston, Brookline, Jamaica Plain and surrounding areas.

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Quick Tips: Fall Décor Ideas with Chelsea Moore

Another turn of the seasons means a chance to re-vamp your home inside and out. This week’s Quick Tips by Chelsea Moore takes a look at how you can spruce up your house for a festive fall.

Jazzing up the Outside of Your Home

Check out your local farmer’s markets, flower shops, grocery stores and home improvement shops for sales on local fall flowers. You can trade those summer flowers out for beautiful fall florals in hues of orange and red.

Large pumpkins, colorful gourds and large pots filled with mums, marigolds or impatient’s are the perfect decorations for the front stoop or porch.

There are a number of other flowers and plants that grow easily in the fall and brighten up any yard. See our list of fall plants below:

  • Calico Aster
  • Sunflowers
  • Gerbera Daisies
  • Cosmos
  • Dahlias
  • Toad Lily
  • Goldenrod
  • Russian Sage
  • Colchicum
  • Helenium
  • Sedum
  • Red Spider Lilies

Interior Décor

There are so many simple crafts that can add a dramatic Fall flair to any home.

Frame up your favorite fall leaves!  Pick some of your favorite leaves outside, dry and press in a book (or something similar). Once dry and pressed, place on top of a piece of decorative fall paper or a page from an old book and toss inside an old frame. Old books and frames can be found in Thrift stores and places like Goodwill and Salvation Army for cheap and easily refurbished in this kind of project!

Looking for fun ways to dress up those plain old candles you have lying around? Well look no further! Go outside and gather all different shapes and sizes of twigs, cut and arrange around your candles using a low temp glue gun or super glue to hold them in place or have a helper tie twine or raffia around them to hold them in place. Another cute candle idea is to take cinnamon sticks and tie them around the candles as well and when the candle burns it will send a wonderful cinnamon scent through out your home. For maximum scent effect, pair with a vanilla, apple or pumpkin candle! If you have a few empty cylinder vases or can find some for cheap fill them up about a third of the way with fake cranberries or mini fake pumpkins/gourds and nestle in your candle to create your own little candle oasis.


Check out our Pinterest page for free Halloween and Fall printables, as well as other great fall craft ideas. Fall printables are perfect for framing and setting up on your mantle with your newly decorated candles and some festive gourds.


Don’t forget to come in, call or visit us at PrudentialUnlimited.com for all your Real Estate needs in Boston, Brookline, Jamaica Plain and surrounding areas.

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Quick Tips: Moving into a new apartment.

Living in a new environment, whether as a first time home owner, veteran property professional, or college student in a new dorm… can be stressful. This weeks’ “Quick Tips” are all about your new home; getting things organized, cleaning what the previous tenants left behind, and general household upkeep with a twist. After the chaos that was Sept. 1st, 2012 (See our survival guide HERE)  we will to take a look at some steps you can take to make your new house a home.

Around the House


Candle wax on your new floor? Use a brown paper bag and an iron to clean up the mess! Place a paper towel or brown paper bag over the dry wax spill and press with an iron on low heat. The wax will stick to the paper and lift right off your floor!


Wooden furniture legs scratched during the move? Take a raw walnut, rub it over the scratches and watch as they disappear. The natural oils in the walnuts help to seal the scratches on your wooden furniture, making them look brand new.


Polish chrome items with baby oil. Just a dab on a cotton cloth will make everything shine!


Drains clogged? Mix equal parts baking soda and vinegar and
pour down a clogged drain and cover it with a warm wet cloth. Let the mixture settle in the pipes for about 5 minutes, uncover and run steaming hot water through the pipes.


Greasy dinner make a mess on your clothes or furniture? Toss a little cornmeal on top of the grease stain and let it absorb your mess for about 10-15 minutes. Dust or vacuum over the cornmeal and, viola! No more grease stains!


Water stains ruining your furniture? Turn that hair dryer on high and aim at the stain. Watch as the water ring disappears! Once the ring is gone, dab a little olive oil over the surface to keep the wood moisturized. A hot iron over a towel will work wonders on those water stains as well.

In the Kitchen


Cleaning your food processor or grinder regularly can be a chore but it will keep residual flavors from mixing together and creating a not so tasty treat. For a quick fix, toss a piece of fresh white bread in and run your processor/grinder. This will lift any residual oils or smalls pieces of food out of the appliance.


Hate the self cleaning function on your oven and heavy duty chemical cleaners? By making your own paste from baking soda and water you can clean your oven more naturally!

How to: Mix baking soda and water to a paste consistency and coat the oven surfaces evenly (but don’t cover the heating elements!). Let this sit overnight to break down the grease and grime that has accumulated in your oven. The next day (preferably while wearing gloves) take a plastic spatula, scrape it all up and wipe down with a damp paper towel. Once your ‘new’ oven is clean and ready to go, cover the bottom with an oven liner available at most home goods stores.


Do your coffee cups have dark tea and coffee stains? White dishes stained and you haven’t been able to remove them? Fill your sink with warm water, drop a few denture cleaning tablets in the water and let your dishes soak until the stains are gone! Rinse and repeat as needed to remove the stains completely! For ceramic and enamel items with stains and dark scratches, try Bar Keeper’s Friend. Bar keepers friend is a great cleaning agent that will make your dishes look brand new!


Microwave oven have stains or a weird odor? Fill a bowl or mug with water and a teaspoon of vanilla extract and heat on high for 2-3 minutes. Leave the microwave door shut for an additional couple of minutes to allow the steam to penetrate caked on food. Wipe down the interior with a damp cloth to remove grime. Leave the door open for a few hours to dry and let additional odors escape

Coming Up!

Next week we will have an update from Al Norton, Rental Manager for Prudential Unlimited Realty as well as market updates to help prepare you for the winter months. Don’t forget to come in, call or visit us at PrudentialUnlimited.com for all your Real Estate needs in Boston, Brookline, Jamaica Plain and the surrounding areas.


Also, to learn more about our ongoing FIRST TIME HOME BUYER SEMINARS and other educational services we provide, please CLICK HERE

Jan 23rd Brookline Food Pantry “A Great Success”: A Thank You from Prudential Unlimited Realty.

Prudential Unlimited Realty Owner/Managing Broker, Jon Ufland (R), Prudential agent and founder of BostonVolunteer.org, Josh Konoff (L) with student Volunteers from Mondays event.

Prudential Unlimited Realty Owner/Managing Broker, Jon Ufland (R), Prudential agent and founder of BostonVolunteer.org, Josh Konoff (L) with student Volunteers from Mondays event.

St. Paul’s Church, located in Brookline and just steps from Coolidge Corner, hosted one of their on-going food drives through the Brookline Food Pantry. This on-going program was established to support local families who struggle to find the basic necessities many of us take for granted. Last year, the Brookline Food Pantry was a dedicated source of food and supplies for over 50 families, seeing over 3000 visits in 2010. Given the current economic climate and job market, that number has risen to 80. Now, more than ever, is the time for those in more fortunate situations to give back. With the help of everyone here at Prudential Unlimited Realty and BostonVolunteer.org, the Brookline Food Pantry was able to do just that.

Yesterday’s event, hosted from 6-8pm, was able to bring in over 70 individuals who donated food and their time to the event. With the support of Prudential Unlimited agent, Josh Konoff, founder of BostonVolunteer.org, two food drop boxes were placed at both Prudential Unlimited offices at 1290A Beacon St. in Brookline and 673 Centre St. in Jamaica Plain. At its conclusion, the event brought in over 80 bags worth of food, and was considered “ a great success!”

Prudential Unlimited Realty want to thank the participants, and anyone who helped get the word out through their social networks. We will be continuing our efforts to give back to the community and we ask you all to join us. Remember to follow us on Twitter: @PruUnlimited or Facebook: /PrudentialUnlimited for up-to-date information on Prudential Unlimited Realty and other volunteer events we sponsor.

To Learn more about the partners who made this event possible: 

Support the Brookline Food Pantry and Bostonvolunteer.org with food donations Jan. 23rd 6-8pm: sponsored by Prudential Unlimited Realty








About the Event
Prudential Unlimited Realty proudly sponsors the Brookline Food Pantry and BostonVolunteer.org for what will be one of Brookline’s most popular volunteer food drives of the year.  The Brookline Food Pantry is an ongoing program created to support local families in need of food in the Brookline community and with the chilly season we’ve had thus far, now is a perfect time to give. We’d like to give a special thanks to Prudential Unlimited agent and BostonVolunteer.org founder, Josh Konoff,  who brought our attention to these great organizations. Now we are reaching out to our colleagues, clients, and the community to help support these great organizations and this wonderful chance to give back.

The event is being held January 23rd from 6:15-8pm at the St. Paul Church, 15 St. Paul St. Brookline, MA Food donations will be accepted during the entire event, followed by a FREE dinner for anyone participating. For those who are interested in volunteering  (not just donating) for the event, please join the Meetup HERE. 

Please Note: If you are not able to attend this event, we will have collection boxes prior to the event at our two offices located at 1290A Beacon St. Brookline, MA & 673 Centre St. Jamaica Plain, MA, give a Prudential Unlimited Realty agents a call  or call our office directly (617-264-7900) and he or she will be happy to pick up your donations.

What to Bring:
While any donations are always graciously accepted, there are a few specific items which the Pantry has asked for:

• Jams & Jellies
• Meals in a Can (Canned pasta, Stew, etc.)
• Tuna Fish
• Canned Fruit
• Instant Coffee
• Mayonnaise (Medium size preferred)
• Shelf Stable Milk (Parmalat, Bordens)
• Personal Care Items (Shampoo, Body Lotion, Deodorant, etc.)
* All non-perishable food is most welcome. Please check dates on the food. We must discard the non-perishables that are more than one year out of date.

Following the food drive,  there will be a FREE dinner for anyone who donates!

Who’s involved?
The Boston Volunteer Meetup
Big enough to deliver, small enough to care.
Learn more: www.BostonVolunteer.org

The Brookline Food Pantry
15 St. Paul St. Brookline, MA
Prudential Unlimited Realty

Take a look at the meet up or feel free to send Josh an email: jkonoff@prudentialunlimited.com

Special Thanks To:
Prudential Unlimited Realty
Cambridge Women’s Community Action Organization
and the Brookline community.