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First Thursday Art Walk: August 3rd 6-8pm

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Join us Thursday, August 3rd, for the Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk from 6-8pm! Work from our featured artists, Andrea Potter and Angela Mark, will line the walls while we mingle and snack. Stop by and meet the artists!

When: August 3rd 6-8pm
Where: 673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
What: Art, Refreshments and Fun!

About Andrea Potter
I am a local artist who paints and draws using a variety of media, including gouache, acrylics and oil pastels. I tend to favor landscapes populated with human elements and artifacts. Lately I have been exploring nocturnal scenes. I’ve found oil pastels to be a perfect medium for rendering this elusive and mysterious time—allowing for sources of light (both on and off paper) to coexist with objects and figures residing in deep blue and green shadow. I also find oil pastels to constitute an interesting marriage of drawing and painting. I happily share studio space in Hyde Park with two other artists.

About Angela Mark
Angela studied art at the New England School of Art & Design and at The School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston, MA. Since the early 1980s Angela has been in exhibits in Europe and throughout the US. Her work is in the collections of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston, The International Electrographic Art Museum, Cuenca, Spain, Wadsworth Library, Hartford, Conn, the Ruth and Marvin Sackner Museum, Miami, Florida, University at Buffalo, NY, Sandoz Pharmaceutical, NJ and the Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DCAlso an illustrator, her work has appeared in many publications including the New York Quarterly Book Review, The Science Fiction Eye, Spirit of Change Magazine and Inequity Press.


Unlimited Sotheby’s International Realty is a proud supporter of the arts and our local artistic community. We feature rotating works of art every month, beginning with an event open to the public on that month’s first Thursday. If you would like to buy featured works or see your own work featured, please contact us at marketingteam@unimitedsir.com.

First Thursday Art Walk: July 8th 6-8pm

Join us Thursday, July 8th, for the Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk from 6-8pm! Work from our featured artist, James Austin Cole will line the walls while we mingle and snack. Stop by and meet the artist!

When: July 8th 6-8pm
Where: 673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
What: Art, Refreshments and Fun!

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Artist’s Statement

“I like the idea of being an artist out of time, somehow transported to this century like a modern day Rip Van Winkle.”

James studied traditional painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, which has a long and great history of figurative painting. He loves art of the Victorian era, particularly the academic painters in 19th century France. His paintings follow the Classical methods taught over a hundred years ago, that are now out of vogue.

Even though his work at first glance seems very traditional, his influences are anything but. Even his most figurative paintings will have something of the bizarre or grotesque.

His most recent series is pure pop! Pop and nothing but the pop! Pop goes the Pez. Andy Warhol had his soup cans, James has Pez. What could be more fun than Pop Art? When it’s Pez! Forget the soup cans – Pez have come to life to delight and entertain you.

Pez makes the world go round.

Contact: jamesaustincole.comjamesac38@yahoo.com | 617.272.0053

First Thursday Art Walk, June 1st 6-8pm

Join us Thursday, June 1st, for the Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk from 6-8pm! Work from our featured artists, Wendy Gonick and Michael Shores, will line the walls while we mingle and snack. Stop by and meet the artists!

When: June 1st 6-8pm
Where: 673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
What: Art, Refreshments and Fun!

About Wendy Gonick

Wendy Gonick is a visual artist and graphic designer living and working in Arlington, MA. She holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. She is a member of the Concord Art Association and has participated in group exhibitions
throughout the greater Boston area.

WendyGonick_4_EyeLand2016Artist Statement

“Each of my collages develops organically—from the hunt for the perfect images and scraps of paper, to the dance of moving the pieces around, to the moment when the collage begins to reveal itself, to the final decision to glue the pieces into a cohesive whole.”

My focus is creating works on paper, and I have spent the past few years concentrating on collage. Enticed by the possibilities hidden in found imagery, my goal is to distill each bit down to distinct portions in order to create unexpected juxtapositions that seem both natural, surprising and in some cases whimsical.

Themes include interstellar landscapes, surreal compositions, imaginary devotional figures, and a new direction utilizing vintage postcards. Named the Travelogue Series in reference to the inclusion of old postcards, I enjoy the challenge of integrating these time-worn artifacts into my work, giving them a new life and letting them communicate once again.

Contact:  wgonick.ebsqart.com | wendyg_tabularasa@comcast.net | 781.643.1056

About Michael Shores

Michael Shores has been an exhibiting artist since 1974. He ran two art galleries, created American Living Magazine and has performed music extensively. His artwork has been featured in numerous books and magazines and is in many museum collections. He lives and works in Boston, MA.

02_[Shores 12-+06-+16_883]-+300 ppiArtist Statement

What types of visions are conjured up while staring at a wall covered in bird droppings? Da Vinci pondered this as well as Salvador Dali and maybe every other artist with half a soul. With my paintings I attempt to give form to those entities that only can be viewed by a  certain kind of creative being.

My visions are not just a product of my imagination but a representation of a real place, an otherworld. When I am creating an automatic drawing, a painting or a piece of music I go into a trance-like condition. Only in this manner can I access those entities in the otherworld.

In the process of creating this type of art I am not even consciously aware of what I am doing, although the meaning of it becomes clear later. This is not “planned art” but one that evolves naturally.

The Otherworld is not a place to escape to but a place to learn from. Just because these beings are not human does not mean that they cannot teach us things. The creatures which inhabit my paintings are certainly otherworldly if nothing else.

Contact: sharkartstudios.com | sharkart@earthlink.net




Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk – April 2nd, 6-8pm

Join us on April 2nd from 6-8pm in our Jamaica Plain office for the First Thursday Art Walk with snacks, beverages, the artwork of Casey Williams and Kasey Appleman, and a live jazz band.

On the First Thursday of each month, the businesses of Centre and South Main Streets in Jamaica Plain hold artist receptions in their stores, shops, salons, and offices, and together create an art night out on the town.  The public can enjoy wine and refreshments while viewing art of all disciplines, as well as live music and other happenings up and down the street.  Come join in!  Winter is on it’s way out!

Jazz Band Featuring:
Joe Sardaro, vocalist
David Ehle, guitar
Mike Ball, bass
Bex Sax, saxophone
Pete Farmer, saxophone

About Kasey Appleman

KaseKasey Davis Appleman is a collector, assembler, photographer, painter and arts educator.  She finds inspiration through her love of nature and her obsession with collecting antiques, miniatures and the “found object.”  The subject matter of her photographs varies from New England landscapes to the whimsical installation of collectables.  Her mixed media assemblage tells a familiar story and asks the viewer to join the conversation.   She is a subscriber to life-long learning, creativity and play.  Kasey comes by her talent honestly as a fifth generation New England artist would.  She lives and makes art in Boston, MA and has worked for more than 15 years as an arts educator with students of all ages.  She studied art at Emmanuel College and holds a Bachelor of Fine Art in painting and printmaking.

About Casey Williams

Casey grew up in a small mill town in the North Quabbin region of Massachusetts. At a young age her mother, Ann, would drive her to Boston on Saturdays, to experience city culture, and especially, to explore the Museum of Fine Arts with her. Casey’s mother decorated their home with African, Indian, and American folk arts and crafts. Pottery, wall hangings, framed textiles, and stained glass panels. It all influenced Casey in the pursuit of creating her own art. Even the patterns found on her scarves or cookbooks, or her Herb Alpert record covers, all laid a subtle foundation for the work she would later produce. Casey continues to find inspiration from the things around her every day. Patterns on a rusted door, a friend’s earring, a scene from a film, a feeling or style of someone’s home, dreams, remembering dishes, clothing, or pillows from a relative’s house party from 1979, or a towel in her grandmother’s bathroom; they all spark ideas, and mix together in her mind to produce a collection of work ranging from large acrylic abstract paintings, to small delicate illustrations, as well as decorative hand mades.

In addition to art-making, Casey is also a DJ.  Visit Just Joan’s Facebook DJ page for information. You can also learn more about Casey and her artwork at caseywilliams.org