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First Thursday Art Walk, February 2nd 6-8pm


Join us Thursday, February 2nd, for the Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk from 6-8pm! Work from our featured artist, Joann Boback, will line the walls while we mingle and snack. Stop by and meet the artists!

When: February 2nd 6-8pm
Where: 673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
What: Art, Refreshments and Fun!


About Joann Boback

Thru the inspiration of the postwar artists I face my own limitations and barriers; as well as my creative skills. The desire to overcome one’s limitations is only magnified by the time spent doing it. Style develops from your inner self as it relates to your life and I am constantly digging deeper.

Represented at:
Colo Colo Gallery, New Bedford
Galatea Fine Art, Boston
deCordova Corporate Loan Program

Learn more at joannbobackart.com or email her at joannboback@gmail.com


First Thursday Art Walk – November 3rd, 6-8pm


Join us Thursday, November 3rd, for the Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk from 6-8pm! Work from our featured artist, Julie Gray, will line the walls while we mingle and snack. Stop by and meet the artists!

When: November 3rd 6-8pm
Where: 673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
What: Art, Refreshments and Fun!


About Julie Gray

Julie creates her white line prints with a focus on the feeling and expression of an object or scene rather than on creating a realistic re-creation. She has been working in the white line print medium for about 5 years. Julie studied the method of printmaking under Kathryn Smith at the Provincetown Art Museum. While she has spent a lot of time working in watercolors, Julie was drawn to the white line method for its process and physical aspects; creating an image, transferring the image to wood, and finally printing the image from the wood block.

First Thursday Art Walk – October 6th, 6-8pm

Join us Thursday, October 6th, for the Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk from 6-8pm! Work from our featured artist, Joni Lohr, will line the walls while we mingle and snack. Stop by and meet the artists!

October 6th 6-8pm
673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
What: Art, Refreshments and Fun!


About Joni Lohr

Joni has been a photographer for 48 years. Her interests are varied but she carries camera everywhere and photographs everything.  Joni has always loved photographing people and documenting events, but has recently discovered abandoned buildings and a whole world of photographers who capture these structures that once were and are on the way to being no more. This month Joni presents her photographs in a show entitled, “Abandoned & On the Street”.


Supporting the Jamaica Plain Art Scene

September is one of our favorite months as we celebrate local artists in and around Jamaica Plain at two local events.

UForge Gallery: Member Collective Showcaseuforge

We’re proud sponsors of the Gallery for the month of September, which includes an Opening Reception being held on Friday, September 2 from 6-9pm and Gallery blitz during JP Open Studios on September 17th and 18th. Learn more here.

 Jamaica Plain Open Studiosjpos


Later this month, often called one of the most Family Friendly arts events, The Jamaica Plain Open Studios’ (JPOS) annual celebration of the arts in Jamaica Plain will be held on September 17 and 18 from 11am-6pm. The event gives the public and artists an opportunity to connect, converse and deal in art works. Unlimited Sotheby’s International Realty will be hosting several artists throughout the weekend. Learn more here.

Also, don’t forget to stop by our JP Office at 673 Centre Street for First Thursday on September 1st from 6-8pm. Food and refreshments will be provided and you’ll see work from our featured artists.



First Thursday Art Walk – August 4th, 6-8pm

Join us Thursday, August 4th, for the Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk from 6-8pm! Work from our featured artists, Tamara Safford and Maggie Carberry, will line the walls while we mingle and snack. Stop by and meet the artists!

August 4th 6-8pm
673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
What: Art, Refreshments and Fun!

carberry tree house

About Maggie Carberry

Whether it involves a visit to another country or her own back yard, Maggie Carberry’s work begins with a camera and a journey. A native of Pelham, New York, Carberry moved to the Boston area by way of Washington DC, London, and Brasilia. Time spent abroad has influenced her work to include themes of travel, movement, and daydreaming. She is fascinated by the way printmaking processes can be used to transform a photograph. Additional layers of media help to turn her images into work that reflects a passing of time.

Artist Statement

In 2010, I began focusing on my Daydream Dwellings series where I am working to “re-build” urban landscapes one architectural detail at a time. I believe that repetition in architecture can be used to facilitate daydreaming much like a mandala is used to facilitate meditation. Although meditation is a deliberate act, while daydreaming tends to be accidental, both allow you to take a break from the noise of the world in order to clear your mind and ultimately refocus.

Since moving away from the city in 2014, I have begun to include more themes of nature in my work.  Whether it is a view of a city, foreign land, or the pond behind my home, I hope that my re-imagined landscapes give the viewer a personal portal to their most peaceful daydreams.

Contact Maggie Carberry at:
c 857.225.1327


About Tamara Safford

Tamara lived in NYC through college but she did live in Switzerland and Austria for part of her high school education. She attended Columbia University, The New School for Social Research for her first B.A. in literature and then moved to Boston to attend Mass Art for a second B.A. in Fine Art. Her working career began in publishing and academic administration. After many years of working in day cares, Tamara decided to apply to Mass College of Art where her work with child art then became her major. Loving stop animation the most and enjoying drawing, she decided to change her major from Art Education to Open Major.

Tamara’s work has appeared in Open Studios as part of the Jamaica Plain Artist Association, the Roslindale Artists Association, and recently Hyde Park Artists Association at the Menino Art Center. The Association was on exhibit at Boston City Hall’s Scollay Square Gallery. Recently, she has been working with Bostongreenfest.org on a mural which will be part of their celebration of the environment this August 19-21 at Boston City Hall.

Artist Statement

I chose to share how I see the environment that I am surrounded by as I have lived in Roslindale for nine years, Jamaica Plain for fifteen years and Newton Highlands for nine years (in reverse chronological order). I emphasize the landscape or overview of the Arboretum where I photographed trees as a “treespotter”, the jamaica pond walks,the gardens and pleasantries of the earth as I have lived here upon it. There are some of my opinions, whimsy and love of folklore included in drawings as I very much love to draw. All of these artworks have been rendered in the last five years.

Contact Tamara Safford at:
c 617.276.2285



First Thursday Art Walk – July 7th, 6-8pm

Join us Thursday, July 7th, for the Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk from 6-8pm! Work from our featured artists, Leonie Little-Lex and Nicole Gsell, will line the walls while we mingle and snack. Stop by and meet the artists!

July 7th 6-8pm
673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
What: Art, Refreshments and Fun!ftaw


(dis) connect explores themes of interconnection and isolation through specific archetypes. Gsell’s nostalgic and often abandoned houses touch upon the need for home, while Little-Lex’s body of trees speaks of intricate bonds in the human condition. Each focusing on individual subject matter, both Gsell and Little-Lex examine what means to be (dis) connected: (from) to civilization, communication, and others.

Léonie Little-Lex Bio
Léonie Little-Lex moved to Boston ten years ago to pursue her artistic career. She holds two degrees from Massachusetts College of Art and Design (BFA in Illustration, 2009, Masters of Arts in Teaching, 2012). She has exhibited in Boston, Salem, and Cape Cod, and has taught a wide variety of art classes and workshops to all ages. Little-Lex currently lives in Brookline and continues to work as both an artist and educator. In addition, she is the Studio Coordinator for the Brookline Arts Center, and was highlighted in their recognition for best children’s art classes by Best of Boston® 2015 magazine. Most recently, she was featured in Cape Cod Art® Magazine as an emerging artist, and is currently showing in the “All Aboard” exhibit at the Post Office Gallery in Truro.

Learn more at leonieart.com

Nicole Gsell Bio
Nicole Gsell graduated Rhode Island School of Design, with a Bachelors of Fine Arts, Illustration and a Concentration in English in 2010. She also holds a Masters of Arts in Art Education from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Originally from Long Island, New York, Gsell moved to Boston in the Fall of 2010 to pursue a career in publishing. She was the Creative Director for independent children’s book company Pinwheel Books, now located in Miami, Florida. Gsell has illustrated 3 children’s books, her most recent book, “Spit and Sticks” available nationwide. Gsell continues to teach and show her work as a fine artist. Along with Little-Lex, her work is currently being shown in the Post Office Gallery in Truro, as part of their “All Aboard” exhibit. She is also showing in the nationally juried “Gravity” exhibit at the Brookline Arts Center.

Learn more atnicolegsell.com


First Thursday Art Walk, June 2nd, 6-8pm

Join us Thursday, June 2nd, for the Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk from 6-8pm! Work from our featured artists, Erica Nazzaro and Richard Youngstrom, will line the walls while we mingle and snack. Stop by and meet the artists!

June 2nd 6-8pm
673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
What: Art, Refreshments and Fun!

Jamaica Pond Blue IItrees reflecting Blue Hills





About Erica S. Nazzaro

Erica Nazzaro is a painter based out of Boston.  She deals with complex landscapes by using simple strokes and unique color choices. Erica combines watercolor, pastel, and ink line work to create mixed media pieces. She has won an artist’s residency in the dunes of Provincetown, and has shown her work in the South End, Jamaica Plain, Dorchester, and in Venice, Italy.

Erica’s process is to go into a meditative space as she creates.  She tries to be a vessel of connection from her environment to the paper integrating herself by weaving in her own feelings as she is painting.

When she feels fully immersed by the energy of the place she is painting…it clicks. Erica feels that she can grasp the challenge, by being spontaneous, and curious, she uses the accidents as opportunities. She take risks while exploring and creating.

Erica’s work is capturing a moment in time that is expressed through colors, lines, and textures.  She strives to express the feeling more than the realistic image of what she sees.

Learn more about Erica at: www.ericasnazzaro.com

flow III imaginary landscape Iris

About Richard Youngstrom

Richard has been creating art projects for 25 years and more recently he has focused on contemporary mosaic art as a medium that fits his skills, and interest in nature, recycling, beach combing and collecting odds and ends.

His work is decorative, durable and useful. The images and functional objects I create are a unique use of the recycled and reused  ceramic tiles, broken dishes, glass, stone, shells and found objects. The tessarae, or small pieces, that make up the mosaic come from many places, and incorporate a range of colors, textures, materials, shapes and sizes: they reflect our community and the world around us. Each individual piece is reclaimed and shaped to bring new life, new utility and a pleasing form to what was once lost and forgotten.grape reflection

Richard’s work has been exhibited in the greater Boston area, including the Somerville Museum, Logan Airport, Bedford Library, the State House, Roxbury Community College, The Arboretum, Experimental Art Gallery (Salem) Artworks (New Bedford) Highfield Hall (Falmouth), Schwamb Mill (Arlington), as well as JP Licks, JP Open Studios and JP Art Association events.

He does commissioned work and conducts mosaic classes at his Jamaica Plain studio, as well as the Brookline Adult Education Center and other locations.

Contact Richard at: 617-721-4240


First Thursday Ark Walk, May 5th, 6-8pm

20160505_115156 20160505_115231 20160505_115214 20160505_115113

First Thursday Art Walk

Join us Thursday, May 5th, for the Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk from 6-8pm! Work from our featured artists, Jose Conchello, David Mynott, and Chelsea Revelle, will line the walls while we mingle and snack. Stop by and meet the artists!

May 5th 6-8pm
673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
What: Art, Refreshments and Fun!

About Jose Conchello
Recently he has also been experimenting with anaglyphic images and photography so there are a few images that he is showing (such as ‘Silence’) with 3-D glasses for an added viewing experience.  A little background on my work his work: all of the image editing is done exclusively through his iPhone with various different apps.  Feel free to check out more of his work and get a little more info about his process at:  JoseConchello.com

About David E. Mynott II: 
The realism in his work reflects an attention to the inner and outer details and ‘beingness’ of nature, architecture and the human form. The art aims at reflecting the broader view of the ‘Self’ rather than merely it’s vehicle, the physical form. Its purpose is to reconnect viewers with the natural world—and each other—reminding them of their essential oneness with the environment and humanity as a whole, and thus the need for the preservation of both. The ‘Ageless Wisdom Teachings’ serves as inspiration.
Learn more at: davidmynott.com

About Chelsea Revelle

Chelsea Revelle is a Boston-based fine artist exploring mixed media, assemblage, printmaking, photography, encaustic, fabric and embroidery. Her work explores themes of the domestic female, home, childhood play, and identity.  Freelance clients have included MIT Cell Journal, Half Price Books, and CUNY Graduate Center, among others. The fine art that Chelsea creates has been featured in exhibitions such as Bromfield Gallery, Lincoln Arts Project, Fountain Street Fine Art, and the Washington Street Art Center. Fresh Paint Magazine recently published a special edition book called “Always Home” featuring several of her assemblage pieces.

Life in the city inspired Chelsea to invest her time in community arts-based education. She has worked to advance access and opportunities among individuals and youth exploring how art inspires and develops skills in critical thinking and problem solving.

In her spare time you can find Chelsea assembling objects in her Jamaica Plain studio, riding her bike, thrifting for treasures and spoiling her pet ferret Charlie.

Learn more at: chelsearevelle.com

First Thursday Art Walk, March 3rd: 6-8pm

This month we will be featuring the art of Peter Bass and Brendan Killian in our office and we will have the music of Joe Sardano and the Jazz players and refreshments for the art walk.

Where: 673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
When: March 3rd, 2016 | 6:00-8:00pm
What: Art, Music, Refreshments and Fun!

Mission Hill Rooftops Sailboat, large Top of the hill twilight large




About Peter Bass

Peter Bass is a self-taught watercolor painter from Boston, Massachusetts. Armed with a bicycle, folding easel and a backpack full of art supplies, he roams the streets of his home-town painting what he sees. If you’re interested in his work or for any other questions please send him an email at peterbassart@gmail.com

response112 response117resize response136SS




About Brendan Killian

Brendan began painting sheep 15 years ago during an artist’s residency in Vermont. This work marked a huge departure, inspired by both the pastoral setting as well as the changes he was experiencing on a personal level. Although he has moved on to other subject matter since, (horses, rabbits and various other real and imagined beasts), the sheep have continued to lure him back, and he always feels obliged to answer they’re call. In a general sense, the sheep serve as a visual metaphor to explore issues of sacrifice and spiritual transformation, not unlike their role in Christian iconography. On a more personal level, they embody a faith in the future, hence Brendan’s choice of title, “Response”. Brendan is also fascinated by they’re integral role in Irish/Scottish/Celtic culture, and in turn my his own heritage.

Brendan received a BFA from Iowa State University in 1984. He moved to Jamaica Plain in 1985 and has been living and exhibiting his artwork throughout New England since. Local solo show’s include “The Copley Society of Boston”, “The Perrin Gallery”, “The Hallway Gallery”, “JP Artmarket”, “The Alchemist”, “Centre Street Café”, “James’s Gate”, “A Far Cry”, “The Gallery @ Green Street” “The Plum Gallery” in Williamstown MA. And “Vermont Studio Center” in Johnson VT. He currently exhibits his work at “The Haven” in Jamaica Plain.

Jamaica Plain First Thursday Art Walk | Feb. 4rd | 6-8pm

Visiting Chilean artists, Johan Bruna Vega and Daniela Salinas, with be featured in our office this evening showcasing their lovely portraits of Chilean animals/people and their framed dream catchers. We will be serving Chilean wine from Solera in Roslindale alongside the music of Joe Sardano and the Jazz players.

Where: 673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain
When: February 4th, 2016 | 6:00-8:00pm
What: Art, Music, Refreshments and Fun!

image (2) image (3) image (6)





About Daniela
Daniela Salinas is from Chile. She is an actress and artisan. Daniela’s art is inspired by traveling, meeting people of other cultures, and then melding her Chilean culture with that of other countries.  She collect little things that catch her eye in the different trips she takes around the world. These different objects serve as a contrast in color, form and culture, yet they come together as one unified piece. The idea is to capture emotion and dedication so that her work comes to life. I try to give a part of me in everything I do.

image (8)image (7)image (9)





About Johan Bruna Vega
Chilean painter and illustrator, self-taught (Iquique). He is seeking to portray the different characteristics of animals and people across every continent in his travels. They are original drawings done by freehand, trying to connect to the reality of these expressions. He creates paintings done in oil or acrylic, always trying to captivate the true look of the power of nature. This inspiration comes from the adventures and travels born in the depths of each experience.